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Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI)

Learning Analytics & Knowledge

Research Topic Overview:

Schools, universities, and corporate training departments are tasked with improving organizational efficiency and capacity through learning and development. Unfortunately, the learning and knowledge development process is blind in many organizations, with only a limited organizational understanding of how learning inputs relate to quality learning.

Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs (LAK11 Conference) TEKRI researchers are world leaders in exploring the role of learning analytics in various settings. Through increased use of learning analytics, universities, schools, and corporations can dramatically improve the effectiveness and quality of learning.

Why are Analytics Important?

- Reduce attrition through early detection of at-risk students
- Personalize learning process and content
- Adaptive content
- Extend and enhance learner achievement
- Improve teacher time and effort

Researchers Involved:
Team Lead: George Siemens

and Dragan GasevicResearch Members: Cindy Ives, Nancy Parker, Sami Houry

TEKRI Activities in Learning Analytics:

Organized: 1st International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge course analytics

Collaborations with Open University, UK and University of British Columbia on learning analytics methods and tools. See this concept paper on open learning analytics (.pdf) for more information

OLnet Fellowship (Milton Keynes, UK) on analytics in open online courses (George Siemens, Summer 2011)

Organized and sponsored the 2nd International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge. Video proceedings can be accessed here:

Organizing host and sponsor for the Analytics, Big Data, and the Cloud conference in Edmonton. Founding member of the Society for Learning Analytics Research Founding member and first co-editor of the Learning Analytics Journal


Special Issue of the Journal of Educational Technology and Society on Learning Analtyics (2012)

EDUCAUSE Quarterly (2011)