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April 25-26 - Edmonton


Making sense of Social Media brings together newcomers and leading practitioners on how to use social media to connect with current and prospective clients, students, and employees and how to increase effectiveness of organizational communication.

Interactive panels, social meetings, show and tell, informal discussions, and networking opportunities will highlight social media innovations in Alberta, Canada, and around the world.

This conference is organized by the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) at Athabasca University.

Keynote Speaker


Dave Snowden
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of

Messy Coherence

The world of social computing can easily appear anarchistic and in its native form it is largely chaotic. Ideas get picked up and then transmitted and amplified without control leaving the response mechanisms of government and industry alike reeling in their wake. On the other hand, properly used the new tools and techniques offer radical ways of reducing risk through mass engagement of citizens, employees and customers in distributed decision making and research. Critically they offer the promise that will allow the formal organisation to better interact with the informal networks that are critical to its success and to do more with far less by managing those networks with purpose. This presentation will introduce basic models and principles, based on real world examples that delegates will be able to use after the event to inform their policy for the use of social computing.



  • Increasing access to your customers through emerging technologies
  • Social media, marketing, and PR
  • Applying principles of open source to your organizations
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Social media for non-profits and community activism
  • Managing your “brand” in decentralized/distributed media environments
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Effective use of mobiles for collaboration and customer service
  • Opening up data
  • Partnering with your customers: crowd sourcing and open sourcing for innovation
  • Augmented reality
  • Collaboration and distributed teams
  • Location-aware computing and augmented reality
  • Educational uses of social media
  • Technological innovation in healthcare


Who should attend?

  • Managers, learning developers, educators, business leaders, and healthcare professionals.

Making Sense of Social Media will provide a blend of policy and practical considerations on how to use emerging technologies strategically and effectively.

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